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Shamanic White Sound Gong Meditations


How I Work

Get to know my unique arts of sacred sounds and silence.


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my life, work and play culture It's all about sacred sounds, silence and sound vibrations

i play gong.

i love, live and teach gong, yoga, breath, sacred sounds
and meditation.

I know that health is happiness and this motto is most important to me in my daily work life.

So i try to make sure to cultivate a calm, relaxed work atmosphere with music, yoga sessions and lots of nature time in between work sessions.

A powerful connection

I believe a calm, healthy and peaceful work environment is the most important asset of a successful culture.

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Gérard Lach (jap nirantar)

"I love all kinds of nice and beautiful things, vegan food, especially Thai & Vietnamese food. If you can't find me on my in berlin or on my computer, I might be on the countryside, walking the fields and woods and enjoying the silence and peacefulness of my out-of-the trouble-home in the small village Cöthen in Brandenburg"

Gérard is a teacher who follows his heart no matter what and spreads this message through his teachings. He is very skilled and humble and he is dedicated to helping people heal.

During a severe life and health crisis in 2010 Gérard found yoga and meditation. Because of a painful disc prolapse he spent nearly a full year in intense pain. Yoga and meditation had a huge positive impact on his recovery and helped him to feel more connected to himself and aware of his body.

Gérard: “I learned about Inner Axis and Max’s teaching through one of his students and well known teacher @annabelle_bini . Without ever taking a class or workshop from Max personally, but having experienced his system of breathing patterns and movements and learning from Max’s lectures, it was crystal clear to me that I had to take part in his Teacher Training, which I did in Berlin spring of 2019.

This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Inner Axis is precise, powerful and easy to adapt to any circumstances. It’s a very practical, and an accessible yoga and meditation practice. Learning to practice and to teach Inner Axis was the missing piece of the puzzle in my education and experience in yoga and wellbeing.

I like to combine the healing power of Inner Axis with another passion of mine which is playing the meditation gong, known as one of the most powerful shamanic healing instruments in the yogic tradition.”

Gérard’s nourishing and restorative classes are predominantly Inner Axis inspired.

Contact Gérard via

Currently Gérard teaches at a Berlin stationed hospice, offering yoga and breathing techniques to the patients, their relatives and also the staff and management.

Besides regular classes Gérard also offers Inner Axis private sessions as well as corporate sessions.

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The Gong sounds to be sound

In charge of relaxation and meditation sessions, The Gong is making sure everyone is feeling calm, relaxed and connected to the infinite sound of eternity.

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Maha Yoga the essence


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